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Looking to sell and want to take the most stress free route? Follow my quick guide on how to prepare before putting your home on the market. Not Listing Now!!! We are  still in the throws of a Seller’s market here in Nova Scotia. Home prices in Nova Scotia have increased by 20% on average. Depending on the property many are having competing offers and selling for well over asking.Inventory...

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Looking for a Dog Friendly Community?

Looking for a Dog Friendly Community? Hantsport has Gone to the Dogs Has the dog-friendly Town of Hantsport gone to the dogs? Searching for an inviting, dog loving town to live, or for a day trip with your pup? Look no further. The community of Hantsport has multiple different dog-friendly locations, and the community itself is a dog lover’s dream. Poopular Dog Park The HMCC (Hantsport Memorial Community...

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Are you getting your home ready to sell, but not sure where to focus your efforts? Here are the top features home buyers are looking for so that don’t waste time and you get your home sold faster. Number Three Third on the list of most requested features that Buyers are looking for is Higher quality fixtures and no updates or repairs needed. Today’s Buyers are busy with work and family. They do not...

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Top 7 Things Before Buying a Home in Nova Scotia

Buying a Home in Nova Scotia overview With listings being so few and buyers so many a realtor has to be at the ready to find and show and write an offer for that buyer who is ready to buy. This means the realtors must prioritize their clients with those ready to buy at the top. With getting their buyers to offer accepted also comes inspections and deadlines that must be met. Remember please subscribe to...

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Government Programs for Home Buyers

Wondering how to get assistance as a first time home buyer, buying in Nova Scotia in 2023.? Think you may be stretched too thin with the current inflation and interest rates? The Nova Scotia and Canadian governments have programs that may just make the difference of you becoming a homeowner in 2024. Current State of Housing As the buying frenzy of the last two years starts to cool, several factors...

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