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Are you getting your home ready to sell, but not sure where to focus your efforts?
Here are the top features home buyers are looking for so that don’t waste time and you get your home sold faster.

Number Three

Third on the list of most requested features that Buyers are looking for is
Higher quality fixtures and no updates or repairs needed. Today’s Buyers are busy with work and family. They do not have the time or energy to worry renovations and repairs.

Buyers away tend to have higher expectations of quality of finishes used and overall workmanship then what they are finding MLS here in Nova Scotia.

Buyers who are moving from another province are hearing about labour shortages and know that they can’t rely on local tradespeople to book projects in a reasonable timeframe once they move here so they do not want to take on any projects.

Number Two

Counting down to #2 on this list is, larger living areas. Many buyers are working from home now, so they require separate workspace for their jobs or even students in the household. Families are spending more time at home too, so it is important to have second living rooms, workout rooms or even craft rooms.

Number One

Last, but not least, is the number one feature that Buyers look for is outbuildings. Whether to store yard equipment or summer toys, Buyers most often ask if there are out buildings or at least a garage when inquiring about a property. If there isn’t one on the property then the next question is if there is room to add one.

Buyers Adamant

Now as for an unusual feature that many Buyers are adamant about is having, is their children’s bedrooms on the same floor as their primary bedroom. Buyers have crossed split entry homes off their list because they didn’t want their childrens’ bedrooms to be on a different level of the house than them and it didn’t seem to matter if they were late teens or young adults.

In Summary

In summary, the real estate landscape has changed dramatically over the last two years here in Nova Scotia. The lack of inventory has created bidding wars and unbelievable price increases.

The Buyers from away also had different expectations of standard of living here in Nova Scotia. With a lower income base, many residents didn’t necessarily have the extra funds to maintain properties to the standard that incoming buyers would expect or keep properties updated with current trends seen in other parts of the country.

So while some sellers may feel they are investing in their properties while getting it ready to sell, it may very well be wasted time and money if they are off base of what Buyers are looking for.

It is best to talk with an industry member who talking with buyers on a regular basis and have first-hand knowledge as to what buyers want and need in their Nova Scotia home.

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