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Any new journey comes along with a mix of excitement and anxiety, which has much to do with the unknown. But I have a it all mapped out on The REAL Deal Road Map.

While each transaction is unique, they all have the same steps that need to taken, with the same “i’s to be dotted and “t”s to be crossed so this is where my signature roadmap with keep us on the right path.

Have you dreamed of new home, new location, new beginning, but just not where to start? I have designed my signature road map based on my years of real estate experience to guide my clients to their destination clearly and stress free.



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The better informed I can make you about the process,  the timelines, your options and outcomes,  the better decisions you will be making for your move.


Moving can be overwhelming so I have broken down the process into more manageable steps will all your questions being answered along the way.


Whether investing in your own property or building a profitable investment portfolio, I provide the research and data to make sure each purchase has solid returns.


“Dawn was excellent and was great at helping us find exactly what we were looking for with numerous viewings until we found our perfect place!”

‒ Shilo

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I am not a salesperson. I am an information provide, a researcher, a marketer. It is my desire for you to find value in the information I provide you, during our initial call, and with my signature REAL Deal Road Map.

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