Why I Joined EXP Realty of Canada

I believe it came as quite a shock to many of my colleagues  when they heard I had joined exp Realty of Canada. Well, I am hear to provide some insight as to why I chose to change brokerages at this stage of my career.

  1. Everyone who knows me, knows I love tech and data. And when my previous brokerage got the one of  top real estate CRM platform- KV Core, I was in my glory. I embraced the program wholeheartedly and learned as much as I could, by watching video tutorials by various  KV Core experts. I began to see a trend that many of the experts were, in fact eXp agents as eXp Realty of Canada offers KV Core for free to their agents. I had found my people! these agents were geeking out over tech just like me! Then, when Jen Percival of Women Rocking Real Estate Podcast made the switch to eXp, I knew it was an exciting path to follow.  I have taken a number of courses from Jen over the years, as she teaches the ATTRACT method of real estate marketing and they really resonate with my values of being a problem solver, an educator and a guide.  So, I asked Jen to be my sponsor and now armed with her teachings and my KV Core skillset,  I am ready to make herstory! 
  2. Let’s face it, we are all getting older and in this real estate industry there is no comfortable retirement package built in.  I have been a licensed REALTOR® in Nova Scotia since 2004, so I started thinking it was about time to start planning for when I get put out to pasture.  Mind you, I feel I still have another good 20-30 years of selling real estate in me, but as far as retirement savings I felt I was  way behind. This is where EXP Realty’s stock option was appealing to me. There are so many opportunities to earn stock; when you join, when you cap, when you attend events, when you sponsor, and you can buy stock at a discounted rate too. 
  3.  eXp is a global brokerage that fosters a supportive environment where eXp agents from around the world and with range of skill levels,  excitedly share their knowledge and experience through webinars, masterminds, eXp University, or you can even DM them through our eXp Workplace.  I became a Certified Mentor shortly after I joined eXp, because of my love of sharing knowledge and I am so excited to be a part of this supportive, collaborative, and forward thinking company. 

While there are many other benefits to joining eXp Realty, these are my top reasons. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to me,  as I would be more than happy to provide “no pressure” details about eXp and Jen Percival’s Attract Method of Real Estate Marketing that you could have access to if you chose me as your sponsor. 

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