Top 7 Things Before Buying a Home in Nova Scotia

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Buying a Home in Nova Scotia overview

With listings being so few and buyers so many a realtor has to be at the ready to find and show and write an offer for that buyer who is ready to buy.

This means the realtors must prioritize their clients with those ready to buy at the top. With getting their buyers to offer accepted also comes inspections and deadlines that must be met. 

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Here are 7 tips that will help buyers get their inquires answered and help to find their Nova Scotia home

RESEARCH Nova Scotia

Do some research about Nova Scotia. Learn about the different regions and what the various communities located there have to offer. On my website, realdealdawn.com, I have write-ups about different communities and links to resources those communities have.

Nova Scotia government has excellent informative sites for tourism, businesses, innovation. I have those links on my site as well. Learn about what community may be the best fit for you. This will help you focus on properties in that local and on finding a realtor who knows that area.

RESEARCH Homes for Sale

 Thoroughly review the listing details. On the Canadian Real Estate Association’s website, REALTOR.ca has the most comprehensive up-to-date property listing information. REALTOR®s get many questions that are already answered in the listing data itself on REALTOR.ca.  

The most common questions are how big is the lot? What is the heat source? What is the foundation? Most REALTORs® upload listing videos, and 3D interactive tours which will give you a better idea of layout and location. Some REALTORS® also have Youtube channels, where they do walk-through videos and give more details about the properties and even the area.

TEXT is Best to connect

Text or email your inquiries to a REALTOR®. REALTORS® spend a lot of time driving and on showings so they do not often get to check phone messages until after showings, which can last many hours. Text is best. Text your name, email, and the property you are inquiring about and the REALTORS can often reply with the property info with one click in between showings.

Better yet, tech-savvy REALTORS® have attached text codes to the property listings, so that the listing info can be sent right to your phone. But at the very minimum, take a moment to compile all your questions and put them in one email, preferable in list form.

Fast Real estate Market

Determine what issues are deal-breakers for you. In this market, you gotta move fast. This is not time to ask the REALTOR® 101 questions back and forth about a property that wouldn’t necessarily be deal-breakers for you. Most listings will have extra info attached to the MLS listing that your REALTOR® can access and provide to you, but if not, then your agent must request that info from the listing agent which could take a couple of days more.

If you like the property to not wait to review the taxes, or the power bills before putting in an offer. For one the taxes will most likely go up along with the assessment once it sells and secondly if the taxes aren’t a deal-breaker, the request to review them once your offer is accepted. Saves a lot of back and forth

The priority is to get your offer in and accepted. There are conditions built into the offer forms that will allow you to review taxes, utility bills, covenants and raise your objections if you end up having any.

The Right real Estate Fit for You

Find a REALTOR® you trust and have faith in. A REALTOR® that are familiar with local homes for sale and recent sales prices. You have to be able to trust that when your REALTOR® tells you there is another offer coming in on a property you are interested in, that they are not just trying to scare you into writing up an offer. It would be against the REALTORS® Association Code of Ethics for an agent to do that. The REALTOR® you hire should have your best interests in mind and they will help you determine market value and recommend offer prices and conditions to make your offer successful.

SEARCH Reliable Homes for Sale Sources

All property listing information is entered into the Multiple Listing Service by licensed real estate brokerages and is accessed by the public through REALTOR.ca. Many subsidiary sites feed off REALTOR .ca such as ViewPoint, Zillow, Ovlix, Kijiji Real Estate, so the subsidiary sites will always have data that is not as current as REALTOR.ca, especially if their feeds are not refreshed on a timely basis.

This is why for many buyers, the property they are inquiring about already has an accepted offer. For the most up-to-date info, you should be getting alerts from REALTOR.ca. Another bonus tip is to follow REALTORS® on social media and subscribe to their website because some will post a new listing to their website before it goes live on REALTOR.ca.

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Sign a Buyers Contract or Buyers Brokerage Agreement with the REALTOR® of your choice. For a REALTOR® having a signed contract shows that you are committed to working with them, and not whichever REALTOR® happens to respond to a viewing request of a property you like. Having a signed contract will make you a priority in the REALTOR® active client list. They will work harder for those clients who have signed a buyers Agreement than the other non-committal lead inquirers who may very well be asking the same questions to five or 10 other REALTOR®

Once you have found a REALTOR® you want to work with, go ahead and make it official by signing a Buyer’s agreement with them. The REALTOR ® will discuss with you your wants and needs. I have a needs and wants form that I have my Buyers fill out to make sure my Buyers and I have a clear focus as to want they are looking for in a Nova Scotia property, which will save time and make sure we don’t miss out in this fast market.

I also have a detailed Buyers Guide the takes you through a step-by-step process for Buying property in Nova Scotia. Download your copy by heading on over to the Buyers section on my website MoveNovaScotia.com.

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