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Bedford, Nova scotia

Bedford is a popular, charming community with a bustling shopping district, and an inviting downtown core.  With the location being on the shore of the Bedford Basin, the stunning views catch the eyes of both commuters, and families.  With a new wave of buyers  from across Canada and abroad flooding the area due to the discovery of the beautiful neighbouring city of Halifax, the booming town of Bedford is now one of the most sought-after communities in the province. 

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The Bedford/Sackville area is made up of many family-oriented, suburban communities situated on the western shore of the Bedford Basin and part of the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).  Bedford is also located only approximately 15 kilometres from downtown Halifax, and is easy accessible by car or by on of the several bus routes operated by Halifax transit which provides convenient access to down all areas of the HRM.

Bedford community also enjoys being situated on the Northern end of the Halifax Harbour, as Bedford experiences less fog, warmer weather and more seclusion as well as still getting a view and taste of the city life.

Psst.. word on the street is that within the next decade Bedford will be gaining a high-speed ferry, that will be for transportation between Bedford and Downtown Halifax! The ultimate game changer for those usually commuting on the highway.

West bedford vs South Bedford

West and South Bedford are both neighbourhoods that are within the larger community of Bedford, Nova Scotia. While located within the same community, the choice between the two neighbourhoods depends on personal preferences, lifestyle and budget. Continue reading to discover the main differences between west and south Bedford, and see which town is right for your lifestyle!

West Bedford: West Bedford is rapidly growing, with newer neighbourhoods that are known for their executive housing options, upscale amenities, and close proximity to all tree-lined local parks and trails. The Parks of West Bedford being one of the most highly sought after, brand-new communities in the area, has everything you need, only mintes away in Larry Uteck Blvd. This community has a mix of single-family homes, townhouses and condos. A lot of which are high-quality new builds. West Bedford has a more modern and suburban feel, with a large focus on community, shopping centres, restaurants and recreational amenities. The growth of West Bedford isn’t slowing down anytime soon!

South Bedford: South Bedford in comparison to Halifax is a newer city, but is actually an older and more established neighbourhood than West Bedford. South Bedford has a more traditional and residential vibe, with it’s tree-lined streets, historic homes, as well as the small town feel. South Bedford is popular among new families as well as those looking to retire.

In conclusion, both South and West Bedford are both beautiful places to live. What it comes down to is your lifestyle and which area would best fit you. If you’re more into the rustle and bustle of the city, West Bedford may be up your alley. Looking for a small-town vibe, with the convenience of the city nearby? South Bedford may be the place for you.

Homestyles in Bedford

Bedford, Nova Scotia is a suburban community located in the Halifax Regional Municipality. the area features a mix of residential neighbourhoods, commercial centres, and recreational facilities. The homestyles in Bedford are diverse, with a range of options available to meet different preferences and budgets.

Bedford, Nova Scotia is also made up of many diverse architecture styles, with semi-detatched homes, townhouses, condos and rental opportunities. Bedford has the ability to meet anybody’s needs, preferences, or budget.

  1. Contemporary- contemporary style homes are becoming more common in Bedford,  featuring clean lines, open-floor plans and large window to maximize natural lighting.  This style is perfect for a person looking for a home with a sleek, modern look.
  2. Split-level- split-level homes feature multiple levels that are half a floor apart, often with the primary living area on the main level and bedrooms on the upper or lower levels. This is a popular homestyle for families.
  3. Bungalows- Bungalows are a common choice for those folks looking for one-level living. The homes in Bedford feature simple, functional designs, low-pitched roofs and front porches.
  4. Colonial-style homes- These homes are inspired by the traditional architecture and feature a rectangular shape with a symmetrical façade, they are typically two or three stories high. They often have a center hall floor plan and can have brick or wood siding.

7 places you need to visit

Bedford is a beautiful community that has a range of unique and interesting attractions. Whether youre a history buff, into nature or shopping, Bedford has something for everyone.

  1. Bedford Waterfront- The Bedford Waterfront is a very popular pit-stop for locals and visitors. This waterfront offers priceless views of the Bedford Basin and often has a range of outdoor recreational activities going on!
  2. Scott Manor House– The Scott Manor House is a historic home that has been restored to its original 18th-century condition, and is now a museum. Built between 1769-1772 you can visit this stunning historic property that features period furnishings, artwork and many old artifacts. 
  3. Fish Hatchery Park- This is a beautiful park that features a pond, picnic areas as well as beautiful walking trails. Also, a fish hatchery that raises and releases trout into local waterways.
  4. Shopping- The Bedford Place Mall and Sunnyside Mall are both popular shopping destinations that features a variety of specialty restaurants, retailers and services.
  5. Paper Mill Lake- This stunning lake is surrounded by trails for hiking and biking, and is a popular spot for fishing, boating and swimming.

  6. Fort Sackville- This historic site dates back to the 18th century and played an major role in the Seven Years War.

  7. DeWolf Park- This park is a must visit spot for families. it features a playground, beach and plenty of picnic areas.

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