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Tantallon, Nova Scotia

 Located in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, Tantallon is situated on the eastern shore of St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia. Tantallon offers many gorgeous views of the ocean and rugged a coastline. 

The community features many stores and attractions. Tourists and community members can easily visit the nearby historic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, take a scenic drive through the south shore on the lighthouse route, or make a pit stop at Queensland Beach where you can sit back and soak up the sun. Tantallon is the best of both worlds. Being so close to all amenities in Halifax, while also being on the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia. Tantallon, if not the place to call your forever home, it is definitely a spot you have to stop and visit!

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Location of Tantallon

Situated on the eastern shore of St. Margaret’s Bay, Tantallon is surrounded by the gorgeoous ocean that Nova Scotia offers. Tantallon is about 25 kilometers west of Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia.

Tantallon is accessible by Hwy 103 and by public transportation, including the Halifax Transit bus route 21, which runs between Halifax and Tantallon.

Overall, Tantallon’s location provides easy access to a variety of natural and cultural attractions throughout the HRM and beyond.


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Proximity to Halifax:

 Tantallon is located only a short drive from Halifax,  which offers a wide range of attractions, entertainment options, and employment opportunities.

Winter Weather:

Like most places in Canada, Tantallon experiences cold, harsh and snowy winters, which can be difficult for those who may not used to the climate.

Natural Beauty:

Natural beauty surrounds Tantallon, including stunning coastlines, pristine beaches, and lush forests. making it an perfect destination for outdoor lovers.

Limited Public Transportation:

Tantallon as it does have access to public transportation, its not as accessible and convenient as you may find it is in Halifax. 

Community Spirit:

The people of Tantallon are very friendly and welcoming to new community members or visitors.

Seasonal Tourism:

Tantallons seasonal tourism is highly dependent on the summer season. Which can lead to overcrowding, and potential higher pricing.

Recreational Opportunities:

 Tantallon offers a variety of  activities, including hiking, swimming, fishing, golfing, and much more. 

Limited Job Opportunities:

 Tantallon is a small community, which may limit job opportunities for those seeking specific roles.

Home Styles In Tantallon

Tantallon offers a large variety of home styles, each with its unique features and charm. Whether you’re looking for a modern build or a historic property, Tantallon has something to offer everyone, and every home style offered looks absoultely perfect nestled along the coast of St.Margrets Bay, and within the eyes view of the ocean.


There are several school in Tantallon and surrounding areas, offering education to all ages and specialties. Here are a few below:

This is a public school that offers education from grades primary to grade 6.


Public school education from grades  7 to 9.


Public high school offering education from grades 10-12.


A catholic school that offers private education from grade primary to 12. Located in Halifax, its roughly a 20/25 minute commute for students.

Places of Interest

Tantallon, Nova Scotia is a beautiful area with many attractions and places of interest. Here are some popular places to visit:

This famous Nova Scotia landmark is just a hop and a skip from Tantallon. Peggy’s Cove is known for its iconic  lighthouse and stunning ocean views.

The Rails to Trails system is a network of walking and biking paths that wind through Tantallons beautiful countryside. 

Every Tuesday from 2pm-6pm the Tantallon Farmers Market offers a range of fresh local produce, goods and crafts.

Hatfield Farm is a real working farm that offers many activities, such as wagon rides, horseback riding and other farm activities for all ages!

 This golf course is a beautiful place to play a round of golf while taking in the scerene beauty of the area.

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