Windsor Housing Market

As of March 13, 2023, the Windsor real estate market is showing some signs of growth and stability. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

Median Sold Prices

First, let’s look at home sale prices. According to recent data, the median  home sold price for the last 30 days in Windsor Falmouth area is $372,000, which is 11% higher than last year’s average of $330,000 for the same period. This is a positive sign for sellers, as it suggests that demand for housing is.still high.

Active Listings

There are currently around 43 homes for sale in the Windsor area, 20 of which are new construction in Falmouth.   This has of course increased from last months numbers as things are starting to ramp up for spring market.


Days on Market

Homes in Windsor are currently selling in around 35 days, which is twice a long than last year’s average of about 16.5 days. This may be due to a slight increase in inventory, which is giving buyers more options and more time to make a decision.

With days on market currently is 35 days so with these new builds have been sitting on the market for 69 to 137 days and priced on average of $439,900 for a semi detached, none currently with accepted offers may suggest that they are overpriced.


Close to Halifax

The Windsor area real estate market has more so followed the trends of the Halifax area market because of its proximity to the HRM,  as opposed to being reflective of what the market was doing in the Annapolis Valley.

Sellers Market

So while Windsor area is a desirable area for commuting and community, it is still very much a Sellers market with 1.5 months worth of inventory with home prices still on the increase both month over month and year over year.

For a info about a specific neighbourhood in Nova Scotia, go to my website at Move Nova



Dawn Magee

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