Real Estate News for September 2023

dawn magee with real estate report for september 2023

Welcome to the news report on the latest real estate market trends in Nova Scotia for September 2023. This report provides a deep dive into property prices, market dynamics, and mortgage rate shifts, ensuring you’re well-informed about the Nova Scotia housing market.

Central Nova Scotia’s Real Estate Dynamics

The central regions of Nova Scotia, including Annapolis Valley, South Shore, and Halifax, have been buzzing with activity. The overall median percentage of list to sale ratio for Nova Scotia stands at a promising 98.2%. Specifically, in Halifax Dartmouth, properties are selling at their listed prices, echoing the stability in the market.

Property Time on the Real Estate Market

Properties in Halifax are typically listed for 14 days before receiving an offer, suggesting a high demand in the region. In contrast, the Annapolis Valley sees properties on the market for about 26 days, indicating a more relaxed pace in property transactions.

Median Home Sale Prices Across Regions for September 2023

– Halifax Dartmouth:** $491,750

– Annapolis Valley:** $326,000

– South Shore:** $341,000

– Cape Breton:** $260,000

– Highland Area:** $285,000

– Northern Region:** $242,000

– Yarmouth:** $222,000

Mortgage Rate Insights

Recent global economic shifts have led to unexpected changes in fixed mortgage rates. Current data from sources like suggests a five-year fixed rate of 5.39% and a variable rate of 5.9%. These rates play a crucial role in influencing buyer decisions and market dynamics.

Future Predictions for Nova Scotia’s Real Estate

The upcoming months might see a steady decline in home prices, primarily due to challenges in mortgage approvals. The market seems to be moving towards a balanced state, with an influx of inventory from homeowners eager to navigate the rising variable mortgage rates.


Nova Scotia’s real estate market in September 2023 showcases a blend of stability and dynamic shifts. Whether you’re a potential buyer, seller, or just a real estate enthusiast, staying informed about these trends is crucial. For personalized insights or property valuations in specific Nova Scotia areas, feel free to get in touch.

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