Marketing Your Home for Sale

marketing your home for sale

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Think its a bad time to sell your home? Well think again, because there more opportunity than ever to market your home and get it sold for top dollar.  let’s dive into the key strategies to market your home for sale.

REALTOR® websites

First and foremost, your realtor should have a dynamic online presence. Their website should be optimized to attract buyers to their website and hence your listing. A tech savvy realtor could subscribe to multiple websites to upload your listing such as Point2homes and To boost search ability of your property why not have your realtor create a blog and community video that high lighting your property. Look for websites that collect buyer and seller information and highlight featured properties.

Social platforms

In today’s digital age, social media is a can be game-changer. Realtors, like independent contractors, may have different approaches.  Certain platforms are great to generate followers for realtors and then customers who them hopefully turn into buyers. Then hopefully buyers of your property. Others realtors focus on evergreen and searchable content. Producing content that has information buyers are looking for, puts your listing that much closer to a motivated buyer because they are at the searching phase of their home buying journey.

My focus is on blogs, then repurposing the articles and videos for linkedin, youtube, Google my business, pinterest, facebook, I supercharge it by creating short form content that links back to longform and website. For listings I will go above that and put ad spend behind the property videos and facebook ads. 


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The Power of Databases

One of a realtor’s most valuable assets is their database. Especially an agent who has been in the market a long time should have a substantial database to share your listing with. This invaluable resource helps connect buyers with sellers. My client database allows me to sort my leads who are actively searching for properties like yours, ensuring they receive direct notifications about your listing. 

QR Codes for Easy Access

Simplicity is key when marketing your home. And Buyers want info fast and easy  and when they are on  the go. That’s why I create QR codes to display on my marketing materials, and ads. Interested buyers can easily just click on the link that appears once they focus their camera on the digital square! The key is to make it effortless for them to discover your property. I also have sign riders that have text codes that buyers can text for the additional information about that property they are sitting infront of. 


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Internet Is the Prime Arena

More than 90% of buyers start their home search online, usually through a listing platform.Here in Canada everybody have their favorites such as Viewpoint here in Nova Scotia or Point2 agent. What most do not realize is that all those listing platforms pull the listing info from Multiple Listing Service, which is maintained by the local real estate boards across Canada .

 REALTORs® and their admins input their listing information into the MLS platform, which then appears on the public facing which is owned by our nation real estate board, Canadian Real Estate Association.  So this is where you will get the most up to date accurate information because all other sites pull their information from here.


Today’s buyers want information at their fingertips, accessible within just a couple of clicks. An experienced listing agent anticipates the common questions, and has that information at the ready for inquiries. Displaying the right photos is key as well. Experience has taught me that Buyers want to see the outbuildings and the yard before multiple pictures of the same bedroom. 

Visual Storytelling

Buyers want complete listing details but they also want feel a connection with a property. Level up by getting your agent to do  LIVE open houses where viewers can ask questions or do narrated walk throughs where agents are personally pointing out features. 

Too many photos of one room can make the buyer loose interest. Instead, the photo layout should  be like a story. You want to hook them and get them to finish the tour. I personal put my exterior photos first. Comment below if you can guess why. 


Buyers are less likely to inquire when there is missing property information; It disrupts the interest level.  The old school theory was that if information was intentionally left out or the property description is purposely vague to make buyers have to contact the listing agent for more info. They’ll simply move on to the next listing.

Prepare for Success

When your listing goes live on the MLS, be ready for a whirlwind of activity. In a busy sellers market  expect immediate showing requests, often back-to-back. Preparing your house for sale and having it show-ready before it goes live on MLS is essential. Your realtor should have checklists and keep you informed during this whole process.  If you have specific showing preferences, your agent can include them in the listing or use scheduling apps available to all realtors.

In summary

The key to selling your home for the best price is reaching and appealing to the greatest number of buyers . Embrace the digital age, focus on viewing your property from a buyers perspective, and work closely with your experienced realtor. Remember, when it comes to marketing your house, it’s not just about selling a property; it’s about crafting a compelling story that makes your house a dream home for its next owner.

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