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Dawn Magee, Nova Scotia blog Costs of selling your home

What Does It Cost to Sell Your Home?

Are you a Nova Scotia homeowner gearing up to sell your property and wondering about the costs of selling your home? Let's delve into the frequently asked question: "How are real estate commissions calculated, and what factors influence them?"  Be sure to stick around for the second half where I’ll give you my thoughts on the real estate commission lawsuit settlement this past week in the...

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Not Your Mother’s Chatbot

A Comprehensive Chatbot Guide for REALTORs® hottubtravels.com overweightcare geox sito ufficiale assurancegas.com custom football jerseys ajwebcode maillardstylecenter secretsummits.com outlet bologna nike dunk nfl ithebuilder.com globalpetbrands.co.jp sukapital ithebuilder.com aguilas cibaeñas jersey In today's digital age, leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance customer...

positives of homesteading

The Positives of Homesteading

Nova Scotia is a region of vast natural beauty. It is known for its welcoming communities. The province offers unique opportunities for homesteading. As an experienced realtor in the region, the author has observed a growing interest in self-sufficient living. This article will explore the advantages and challenges of establishing a homestead in Nova Scotia. View Properties with Acreage...

Buyer or sell first?

Should You Sell First Before You Buy a Home

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dawn magee with real estate report for september 2023

Real Estate News for September 2023

Welcome to the news report on the latest real estate market trends in Nova Scotia for September 2023. This report provides a deep dive into property prices, market dynamics, and mortgage rate shifts, ensuring you're well-informed about the Nova Scotia housing market. Central Nova Scotia's Real Estate Dynamics The central regions of Nova Scotia, including Annapolis Valley, South Shore, and...

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