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Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County

Mahone Bay is a charming coastal town located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. With its famous three churches stand side by side on the waterfront, the town has become a popular tourist destination for its scenic beauty and alluring small-town atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacay, Mahone Bay offers something for everybody.

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Location of Mahone bay

Located about 90 kilometres from Halifax, Mahone Bay is situated on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and is only 22 kilometres from Bridgewater, which is a neighbouring community where you can easily access all necessitates. 

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Scenic beauty

The town of  Mahone Bay is known for its beautiful coastal scenery, and unreal views of the Atlantic Ocean and the town’s iconic three churches.

Limited amenities

While Mahone Bay does carry a few options for restaurants, shops and grocery stores, the quaint town may not offer the same variety of shopping that a city would have.

Small-town charm

Mahone Bay has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and a tight-knit community feel.

Seasonal tourism

While Mahone Bay is a very popular tourist destination during the warm months, some businesses may close during the off-season.

Historic architecture

 Mahone Bay has a rich history and is home to many well-preserved historic landmarks and buildings.


Nova Scotia can experience harsh weather conditions during winter, which may impact any outdoor activities or travel.

Festivals and events

The town also hosts many popular events and festivals throughout the year. Some including the Antique Fair, and Scarecrow Festival which draws in visitors from all over.

Distance from major cities

While Mahone Bay is accessible by car or public transportation, it is located an hour’s drive from Halifax, which may be inconvenient for some travelers.

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Victorian Mahone Bay homes often feature unique details, such as gingerbread trim, gabled roof, decorative brackets, bay windows and stained glass windows. 


Gothic Revival

Gothic Revival homes in Mahone Bay often feature a cross-gable roof, tall windows, and a porch or balcony. This style is identified by steeply pitched roofs, pointed arches, and decorative trim.


Salt Box

Saltbox homes in Mahone Bay have a long, sloping roof that extends down to the first floor at the rear of the home. These simplistic homes often feature a central chimney and a simple, symmetrical facade. This style is named for its resemblance to a wooden lidded box, that was once used to store salt.


Mahone Bay offers a handful of schools for a variety of all ages.

BCS offers education from grades primary to 6.

This school offers private education from ages pre primary to grade 8.

FHCS offers education to grades 7-12 (est. 15-minute drive to Mahone Bay)

CDS offers education from grades primary to 6. (est. 20-minute drive from Mahone Bay)

offers education from grade 7-12.  (est. a 20-minute drive from Mahone Bay).

Places of Interest

Mahone Bay is an extremely charming town, with lots of must-see spots! Here are some below.

This is an annual event that is held during the fall and features creative and whimsical scarecrows that are spread out on display throughout the town.

Mahone Bay is home to three churches: the St James Anglican, St John’s Evangelical Lutheran and the Trinity United. The construction of these churches start in 1869 and the trio was completely by 1887. These churches all stand side by side and is a popular stopping spot for tourists. 

 A weekly market featuring local produce, crafts, and other goods.

A farmers market that features local produce, crafts and other goods. Available every Tuesday on Edgewater Street.

A local working pewter studio and shop, where you can purchase handmade jewelry, home decor and other unique items all made of pewter.

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