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Nova Scotia Real Estate Report

Nova Scotia Market Report

Nova Scotia's real estate market has taken a unique path in October 2023, defying the trends observed in the rest of Canada. In this comprehensive market report, experienced realtor Dawn from MoveNovaScotia.com will provide insights into the current state of the Nova Scotia real estate market. The report delves into crucial statistics, explores regional variations, and discusses the impact of global...

Nova Scotia real estate report for August

Nova Scotia Real Estate Report August 2023

A seasoned REALTOR®s Perspective As a seasoned realtor with over two decades of experience navigating the Nova Scotia real estate market, I must assert that the landscape we are witnessing today is markedly different from what it was just a year ago, or even at the beginning of this year. The first few months of 2023 suggested a continuation of the frenetic buying activity that had characterized the...

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