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Greenwood was a small hamlet south of the Dominion Atlantic Railway’s Kingston Station in Annapolis Valley. In 1942, the Royal Air Force established RAF Station Greenwood and built an aerodrome on nearby farmland to provide a facility for training aircrew under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. In July 1997 the air base became one of eleven operational wings in Canada, and was designated as 14 Wing Greenwood. Today it is the largest airbase in Atlantic Canada, and is the largest employer in the area.

Today, the village and base’s combined population numbers approximately 5,400. The village hosts numerous services and is also the location of the Greenwood Mall, the largest shopping mall in the Annapolis Valley.

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Location of Kingston-Greenwood

Kingston remains as a major service centre for the apple growing industry in the area of western Kings County and has a growing retail district, owing to its access to Highway 101.

The villages of Kingston and Greenwood are sometimes called Kingston-Greenwood because of their proximity have become almost synonymous, as they share the same highway exit and local telephone exchange.

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Affordable Living

Compared to larger cities in Nova Scotia, Kingston-Greenwood has a relatively low cost of living. Housing prices are also generally affordable.

Limited Cultural

Kingston-Greenwood is a small community, so there may be limited options for cultural activities like museums, theaters, and art galleries

Outdoor Recreation

Kingston- Greenwood area has lots of rivers, forests, and rolling hills to enjoy hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Noise Pollution

14 Wing Greenwood is an active military base with regular aircraft noise, which can be disruptive to some people.

Job Opportunities

If you or a family member is interested in working for the Canadian Forces, 14 Wing Greenwood can provide job opportunities in a variety of roles.

Job Opportunities

Other than working on the military base, this a small community with limited job opportunities. Many residents have to commute outside for work.

military resources

Being located near a Canadian Forces Base means you’ll have access to amenities such as the gym, pool, and other recreational facilities.

Military related

May require additional security measures military related hazards, such as background checks, accidents and vehicle inspections.

Community Spirit

Kingston- Greenwood has a close-knit community with welcoming and  friendly locals who often participate in community events and activities.

Proximity to Halifax

Located about an hour and 20 minute drive from Halifax, the largest city in Nova Scotia. This may not be appealing for those who prefer urban centres.

Home Styles In Kingston-Greenwood area

Much of the housing in the heart of Greenwood is for the military families stationed at the base, and are referred to as PMQs. Most of the non-military housing for the village is located on the outskirts.

The style of homes in Kingston-Greenwood tends to be traditional and functional, with a focus on practicality and affordabilityThe majority of non military house would date from 1950s- 1990s. There are some farms and farmhouses still n excistance. As with the rest of the province, new construction and new developments are increasing at a fast pace to meet the demands of housing.


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Places of Interest

This community is very much family oriented so many of the places of interest are family focused. 

Back in the early 1970’s, the Rogerson’s started a farm in the Annapolis Valley.  They farmed traditional farm animals along with some interesting exotics.  By 1975, school groups started coming to the farm for their school trips.  In 1980, the “Learning to Live” program started at the farm, which involved kids from the local schools.  The popularity of the farm grew and grew and by 1984, they decided to open to the public.  The animal varieties expanded as the farm became a zoo.  Now more than 30 years later, the  Oaklawn Farm Zoo continues to flourish.

This museum strives to inspire visitors through a riveting and somewhat immersive collection of aviation-related historical artifacts and displays. The museum is one of eleven accredited Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) museums located across the country and one of only two RCAF accredited museums in Nova Scotia. 

This is a lovely picnic park with water fountain, garden areas and trellis for prom/wedding picture taking, ducks to feed and a family fitness trail to challenge.

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