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Chester is a picturesque village located in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Known for its rich maritime history, charming architecture, and jaw-dropping ocean views, Chester is a popular destination for locals and tourists. Chester is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Nova Scotia.

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Location of Chester

Chesters location offers easy access to a range of coastal towns and natural attractions. As Chester is easily accessible by highway, it is also located on the  Lighthouse Route, which is a popular scenic tourist route that runs along all of Nova Scotia’s South Shore. 

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Natural Beauty

Chester is surrounded by breathtaking ocean views and  access to numerous beaches, parks and nature trails.

Seasonal Tourism

 Chester is a very popular tourist destination during the summer months, which can lead to crowded beaches, and a higher cost of living.

Recreational Opportunities

Chester offers a large variety of recreational activities such as, sailing, fishing, hiking and golfing.

Limited Job Opportunitie

Since Chester is small town, it may have limited job opportunities compared to larger cities. Luckily Chester is only a short drive to the town of Bridgewater, or approximately and a hour drive to Halifax.

Proximity to Halifax

Chester is located just aprox. 65 kilometres drive away from Halifax, which provides easy access to the city’s many amenities.

Harsh Winters

Being surrounded by the ocean, Chester experiences very cold and snowy winters,

Home Styles In Chester

Chester is known for its charming architecture, and unique home styles. There are a variety of home styles in the area, here are few of the most common listed below:


Cape Cod

The traditional style home is often identified by its wood siding, simple trim, steeply pitches roof, and central chimney.



Contemporary homes are known for their modern, clean lines and open-floor plan. Also its common to see use of modern materials such as steel, glass and concrete. This homes often maximize any use of indoor-outdoor living spaces, especially in the beautiful location of Chester.



Craftsman-style homes are typically identified by their, overhanging eaves, low-pitched roofs and tapered pillars. These homes often feature a combination of textures like wood, stone, and brick exterior finishes.


Chester, Nova Scotia is served by the South Shore Regional School Board, which operates several schools in the area. Here are some of the schools located in or near Chester:

Offers education to grades primary to 6. Located in the heart of Chester.

Offers education from grade 7 to 12.

Located in Bridgewater, PVEC is a larger school offering education from grade 9-12 and offers the IB program.

Offers education from grade 6-8, located beside CDES.

Places of Interest

This beautiful seaside village offers a variety of rich history and plenty of things to see and do. Or simply just take a moment to enjoy the out of this world views.

Founded in 1902 the CYC is a historic unique club that offers sailing lessons and social events throughout the year. Don’t forget to mark the calendar for Chester Race Week! The club hosts a variety of sail boat races and people from all over attend to partake. Many events go on throughout Chester during this event thats held in August.

Located slightly on the outskirts of Chester, Graves Island is a provincial park and is a popular spot for hiking, swimming, picnicking and camping.

This beautiful golf course is one of a kind and offers stunning panoramic views of the ocean, is popular for golfers of all levels, and has a club that offers food and drink on site.

This small but precious theatre was built in 1938, and since has hosted a variety of plays, concerts and comedy shows.

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